• Flexi mask is designed for convenient oxygen therapy
  • Moulded face mask is manufactured from non-toxic, non irritant medical grade PVC
  • Provided with adjustable clastic strap for proper positioning of mask on the nasal area.
  • Swivel connector for convenience of attachment to the oxygen tube.
  • Two metr multi channel tube is provided to ensure continuous flow of oxygen
  • Proximal end fitted with soft funnel shape
  • connector for easy connection to oxygen source.
    Size: ADULTS & CHILD
    Length : 200cm


Medical filters are used in respiratory support equipment such as life support and human ventilation machine, fitted in the airway between equipment and patient. The removal of bacteria from the air breathed in the hospital environment is critical in the protecytion of the patients, other hospital personnel and breathing support equipment.

Filters: Utilize hydrophobic membrance & synthetic media that provide barrier & electrostatic filtration with bacterial & vital removal efficiency higher than 99.99% accomplished with extremely low resistance to airflow. The HMW keeps moisture retention and warming of inhaied air, Aeroclean filter design in different size with co2 monitoring port, facilitate use on a wider range of patients.

Products Features: Clear housing, low flow resistance High filtration efficiency, High heat & humidity level, co2 monitoring level, port sterile package.


  • Soft, clear aerosol mask with anatomical from is ideal for long term use.
  • Gently rolled, feathered edge with nose bridges for extra comfort.
  • Rotating type connector for patient’s comfort
  • Larger surface area provided by unique convex cone design, ensures maximum capillary action ad eliminates medication wastage.
  • Nebulizes 3 cc within 10 minutes in horizontal or vertical position ensuring patient comfort.


Nebulizes 6 cc is made for good performance & economy. It helps patient effective nebulization & make patient comfortable.

Product Feature :

  1. Single use nebulizer
  2. Create consistent particulars of optimal therapeutics use.
  3. Easy seal, quarter locking cap and anti spill to prevent leakage.
  4. Available in various packaging configurations.
  5. Fits oxygen tubing connections.
  6. Provide effective nebulization.


  • Innovative system to exercise respiration through inspiration
  • Device is composed of base & central part divided into three chambers containing thee small spheres different in size & color.
  • Innovative design, can be dismantled into parts for cleaning & disinfection.

Unit consist of :

  • Transparent main body
  • Base
  • Connecting tube with mouth piece


  • Manufactured from soft, non-toxic PVC thus non irritating even in long term use.
  • System of attachment provides maximum freedom to the patient and leaves the patient’s mouth free for nutrition & communication.
  • Twin bore/nasal tips are designed to ensure equal volume of oxygen to both air passages.
  • Soft funnel shape connector facilitate easy connection to the oxygen source.
  • Multi channel tube ensures the supply of oxygen even if the tube kinks accidentally.
  • Non-sterile, individually packed in poly bag.


LENGTH: 200c,